Do you want to increase your visibility at night?

Bells & Whistles is always on the hunt for more innovative and convenient ways to ensure you keep safe on your bike when it’s dark. The latest additions to our bicycle light range are lights for the rider not the bike; the Helmet Light and a new Wearable Light.

Both lights have been specifically designed with the rider in mind. First up is the Helmet Light. Its streamline, lightweight design means the light does not weigh your head down like older styles of helmet lights. It provides front and rear lighting and is a great combo used along with bike mounted and wearable lights.

Much like the Halo Belt, the new Wearable Light is the ultimate multi functional riders light. You can wear it on your ankle, arm, bag or bike. Made from a strong flexible composite material, it has a simple hook system that is designed to stretch and hold firm.

Both lights are conveniently USB rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about the fuss and expense of changing the battery when it runs out.

Wearable lights like the Helmet Light, Wearable Light and Halo Belt are just one of the ways in which you can make yourself more visible out on the roads after dark. The more lights you sport the easier motorists will see you, which is a plus for riders and the other motorists we share the road with.