Bells and Whistles Hits The Road

Posted by Dave Manville on

Bells and Whistles is officially on the road. And this time it's not on two wheels. Being based in Mount Maunganui normally means we have the luxury of being able to get from A - B on our Raleigh Twenty bikes, fixies or our beloved smurf blue 1970s Scwinn tandem. However, occasionally we hit the insanely good trails at the world famous Redwoods in Rotorua, requiring us to guzzle the gas. So we've decided to splash a bit of Bells and Whistles branding on the Ford Mondeo.


We've had some great feedback and all credit must go to Luc Verstraeten, the owner operator at Wild Group International NZ. Luc normally applies his graphics to yachts and other boats in Auckland, so we were grateful that he could help out with our bike accessories store vehicle.

Keep an eye out for us around Tauranga. This summer will also see our tandem bike get some much needed Bells and Whistles branding.

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