Beep Itsy Bitsy Spider Bell

Beep Itsy Bitsy Spider Bell

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Beep Spider Bike Bell is always hanging out in his web and what a beautiful silver web it is!   He is fun to have on your handlebars when you want to ride around your hood and let them know you are coming! 

The Beep KIDS Collection is a playful collection of colourful hand-painted bells made to encourage the little ones to hop on their bikes and enjoy the outdoors. A brilliant reward or gift for anyone on the go! 


- A great size, optimal for bicycle and scooters.

- Designed, hand-painted and shipped out of our studio in Newcastle, Australia with love and care.

- Hand painted with non-toxic paints, durable and weatherproof.


This 58 mm diameter bell offers a longer and raised bottom clasp ensuring an unfettered and cheerful ring coupled with longer chrome-plated screws to accommodate all round handlebar diameters.

As this Beep Bicycle Bell is hand-painted it may vary slightly from the bell in the photo ensuring each Beep hand-painted bell is truly unique.