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New Zealand’s No. 1 Bike Accessories Store

Whether you ride a commuter bike, beach cruiser, dutchie, road bike, mountain bike, fixie or something you found in your grandparent’s garage, our bike accessories will add more style and greater functionality to your riding experience.

Our bike accessories store features some of the best performing bike lights. We’ve selected ultra bright lights that will allow you to be seen from all angles. The MonkeyLectric spoke lights are our biggest sellers and add more fun and safety to a bicycle than any other cycle accessory on the market. Check out our MonkeyLectric reviews from our customers.

Want a USB bike light that is small, stealth but super bright? Look no further than the Knog Blinder. Available in 4 styles in front and rear, the Blinder pumps out 80 lumens of front and 44 lumens of rear light. It features a flexible silicone rubber strap and clip, meaning you can attach or detach it from any part of your bike frame in 3 seconds flat.

For your cycle safety we’ve also got the highly powerful and flexible Fibre Flare rear bike light, which like the Blinder, will fit around any part of your frame, no matter how wide. Rear bike lights don’t get any more visible than this puppy. You’ll also find the wearable Halo Belt and New Zealand’s two top selling CatEye bike lights.

No matter what type of bike you have, we have handlebar grips that are sure to make it look even cooler. The Spur Cycle GripRings, which were funded through Kickstarter, are famous throughout the world and we’re the only company in New Zealand that stocks them. Carefully tested for over 12 months prior to production, these innovative stretch-on silicon rubber bike grips fit nearly all handlebars. Combine your favourite colours here.

Another one of our intriguing and practical bicycle accessories is the Ass Saver, a Swedish-born bike mudguard that is ‘there when you need it and gone when you don’t’.

Bells and Whistles wouldn’t such without a vast range of the best bicycle bells on the market. There are a lot of decidedly average bells out there but we’ve tracked down the pick of the bunch from Crane, Mirrycle and Dringdring. We’ve got the right size bike bell for your bike.

Some of our other popular bike accessories include the bicycle coffee cup holder, bike locks from Knog, the 6 pack beer holder and the slim line recycled inner tube wallet.

Buying for a friend or family and not sure what they might like or need? Take the safe option with a Bells and Whistles store gift voucher.

Be sure to check back regularly as we’re always introducing more new exciting bike accessories.

Happy Riding!