Do Little Bike Seat (Factory Second) + Free Low Rider Fitting

Do Little Bike Seat (Factory Second) + Free Low Rider Fitting

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Do Little Bike Seat - Factory Second LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE!


Please note this is a Factory Second Do Little Bike Seat. There is nothing structurally wrong and this is an unused product but it will have minor blemishes or marks on the frame. Either chips on the powder coating underneath the frame where it isn't readily visible or some pitting or imperfections in the powder coating.

Proud to be the most loved and trusted bike seat for your kiddies world wide! Since 1989.

We can guarantee the Do Little fits 99% of all mountain bikes. 

Take your child along for the ride of their life on this New Zealand Designed and Made Mid Mounted Kids Bike Seat. This robust, comfortable and safe child bike seat can be quickly secured to the seat tube of most bikes. This clever design ensures that your child feels safe between your legs and gets a great view whilst holding onto the centre section of your handlebars.

Designed for 18 months to 7 years of age, the Do Little bike seat lets you share the enthusiasm of riding a bicycle with your wee loved one and gets them excited about cycling at an early age. This centre-mounted kids bike seat fits onto most bikes in minutes with no special tools or skills required.

You will need the LOW RIDER fitting If you have a downhill mountain bike, a bike with an extreme sloping top tube or a wider top tube of up to 49mm. The first on the market of its kind. Allowing our bike seat to fit 99% of mountain bikes. If not we stand by our money back guarantee. The Low Rider fitting can be added with your Do Little or is sold separately in store.

The Do Little kids bike seat has the highest certified weight capacity of all similar mid mounted products on the market. With their experience and years of design development Do Little have ensured their product is the best value for money on the market.

Yet another great innovative Urban Bicycle Accessory available online at Bells and Whistles.