The Buff Scarf by Bouyline

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The Buff scarf

This is a: 100% merino neck warmer in black.

Wear me: On the water, on the bike, at boat loading, in the car, in a snowball fight, the options are endless.

We suggest you try: Wearing it on the bike or on the water pulled up over your chin on a really cold morning.

Keeping your neck, chin (and if your up for looking like a pro snowboarder, nose) warm and fog free on those freezing winter mornings.

A cozy, double layered tube of 100% merino these buffs are designed to cover those areas that your standard clothing can’t get to.

Our buffs are designed to be worn on the water, on the bike or even just in the car on the way down. Either way we are hoping they will help make it easier for you to get out of bed and down to training.

One size fits all with these so no need to measure up, just grab one and go.

They are made of double layered 260gsm 100% merino.

Please DO NOT wash in hot water. Machine wash on cold only. Please DO NOT tumble dry.