Bike Lights

Bike Lights For Your Safety

Bells and Whistles has carefully selected what we, as urban cyclists, believe are all you need to be seen from all angles and feel 100% safe when riding in the dark.

In Knog, Fibre Flare, CatEye and MonkeyLectric, we have some of the most recognised bike light brands in the world.

The Fibre Flare LED tube light is a flexible, superbly designed rear bike light that provides 360 degree visibility. It is lightweight, super bright, has excellent battery life and can be quickly attached and detached to any part of your bike. This innovative cycle light can run down the back or side of the seat post or frame of your bike.

The Knog Blinder is one of the brightest, most compact and user friendly USB bike lights. They pump out a whopping 80 lumens of front light and 44 lumens of rear light.

Bells and Whistles’ favourite product is the MonkeyLectric wheel light. These are lighting up the streets of New Zealand at a rapid rate due to their amazing combination of fun and safety. Our customers have more confidence riding at night with their Monkey lights and feel obliged to ride more often and for longer than before they had them. These spoke lights feature multiple themes and exceptional battery life. They will light up your cycling world and turn heads – that’s guaranteed.

Our bike lights perform exactly the way quality and reliable bike lights should. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with any of our carefully chose range of lights, we’d like to know.