MonkeyLectric M210R

  • $75.00
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Check out the below video and you’ll see just why MonkeyLectric spoke lights have become a phenomenon throughout the world. 

Bells and Whistles is New Zealand's exclusive MonkeyLectric dealer.

Eye-catching, fun and practical, the MonkeyLectric M210R wheel light quickly connects to 2 of your spokes and displays amazing bright patterns as your wheel spins. The M210R is the little brother to the MonkeyLectric M232, which we also stock.

If you’ve worried about being hit from the side by car or just not having enough visibility in general, the MonkeyLectric is the perfect solution.  Cycling has always been fun. This robust, waterproof  spoke light adds a while new meaning to the word!

The Monkey light includes 20 themes choices that you can operate individually or in random. The 10 LED light board hooks to 2 of your spokes using 3 point zip ties and attaches to a hub-mounted USB rechargable battery. Takes just 5 minutes to install.

Why be seen from just the front and back when you can be seen from the side as well.

One unit = 1 wheel

Check out this MonkeyLectric video!

MonkeyLectric lights look radical on all types of commuter bikes. Just watch the reaction you get from others who see your new lights in action. You’ll wish you’d been cruising the street with Monkey lights long ago.