MonkeyLectric M232

  • $89.95
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Bigger, brighter, better! The M232 is the latest of the MonkeyLectric range of bicycle wheel spoke lights and has taken bicycle enthusiasts by storm in Europe, the US and Asia. It is the bigger brother to the MonkeyLectric M210.

Bells and Whistles is New Zealand's exclusive MonkeyLectric dealer. 

This top selling bike light includes 42 wicked themes and 32 ultra bright full colour LEDs (16 on each side), providing front, rear and side visibility at any speed. If you’ve worried about being hit from the side by car or just not having enough visibility in general, the MonkeyLectric M232 is the perfect solution. Cycling has always been fun. This robust, waterproof spoke light adds a whole new meaning to the word!

One unit = 1 wheel

Check out this new MonkeyLectric M232 video!

The M232 easily mounts to 2 spokes and is secured using just 3 zip ties. It also includes a small canister that holds 3 AA batteries, which connects to the hub of your wheel using 2 more zip ties. It is lightweight and ensures your normally smooth cycle motion is not affected.

Taking just 5 – 10 minutes to install, this bicycle light  is perfect for daily commuters, urban cyclists, casual evening riders – anytime you want to be visible after dark or in the rain.

Offers more fun and practicality than any other bicycle accessory on the market.

Photo Credits - Thanks to Antoine Pethers in Auckland for his superb artistry and passion for photography and bicycles.