Halo Strip (Red) with FREE 6 Pack Drink Holder

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This fantastic visibility strip comes with a FREE 6 Pack Drink Holder for a limited time! Get yours now!

2015 Halo Strip

  • Ultra Bright
  • Reflective
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Stick or sew velcro backing
  • Weatherproof
  • Two modes: Flash and Solid
Halo Strip 2.0

Introducing the Halo Strip 2.0 LED hi-visibility safety strip. It is the perfect safety addition to cycling, walking, running, hiking, motorcycling, child safety, roadside safety, construction site safety and the list goes on... Perfect for poor visibility conditions such as dusk, dawn, night time, fog, rain and snow. It is brighter, more versatile and is USB rechargeable. How we love USB bike lights!!

Simply stick or sew the velcro loop strip on the back of your backpack, vest or garment and attach the Halo LED Strip 2.0. The options are endless.

Halo Strip 2.0 Specifications

Illumination mode: Flash and Solid
Charge: Mini USB rechargeable with cable
Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Battery Life: Up to 36 hours of illumination in flash mode
Waterproof: Is Water Resistant (can not be submerged)

Halo Strip is the perfect accessory to add visibility: stick it to bicycle, stroller, luggage, skateboard or sew it to bag and garment.

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