Spurcycle Handlebar Grips

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Spurcycle Handlebar Grips simply the coolest grips on the market. Made from individual rings using plush and flexible silicone construction. Pure silicone material doesn't absorb oil or get sticky. Grips stay clean, don't pill, don't soften or slide and last longer.

Set of 14 grip rings (adults hands) 

Set of 12 grip rings (kids scooters & small hands)

A pair of end plugs are included with every order over 12 rings.

Want the coolest Grips in town? Forget ODI grips! With Grip Rings, you aren’t stuck with one colour on each side of your handlebars. Personalise your scooter or bike with the colours that you want.

Grip Rings are all the rage around the world for bicycles and kids scooters. Designed in the USA by Spurcycle these silicon rings are available in various colours and fit all sizes of handlebars (i.e. fixie, mountain bike, cruiser, vintage bike and kids scooter).

Sick of your current bike grips or kids scooter grips? Simply slide, twist or cut your current grips off and your favourite ride is ready for its face lift.

Select the colour grips you want, whether they’re to match your bicycle or scooter, your favourite team or your current favourite combination of colours. Go wild and have different colours on each side. Mix and match as you please.

Easily installed, these bike and scooter grips are plush, comfortable and flexible and are simple to set in place and secured with a locking end plug. If you feel like a colour change, you can easily order more colours.

Vigorously tested for over 12 months prior to release onto the market.


14 rings are recommended for adult hands
12 rings are recommended for smaller hands and kids scooters
Each ring is 15mm wide
NOTE: A pair of end plugs (which tighten and loosen with an allen key) are included with every order over 12 rings.


1. Select the colour you require from the drop down menu.
2. Select the quantity of that colour you require and then click on ADD TO CART.
3. Repeat this process for each colour that you require.
4. Check your shopping cart (top of page) to ensure your selections are correct.