Knog Blinder 4 Silver Front (USB)

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Knog Blinder 4 Silver Front (USB bike light)

The Knog Blinder USB Bike Light is the most in demand USB light in the US and Europe at present! A product of Knog in Australia, this high powered bicycle light has four super bright LED lights that pump out up to 80 lumens of front light, making it one of the most powerful and effective USB bicycle lights on the market.

The Knog Blinder’s optimized optics focus and direct a smooth beam pattern that makes the Blinder USB bike light visible over 800 metres.

Check out the Knog Blinder video!

The Knog Blinder USB Light perfectly compliments the Knog Blinder Silver Rear Bike light, which provides super bright 360 degree visibility which is essential when biking on the road today. With the Knog Blinder you have the pick of the bicycle lights on the market.