Knog Blinder 4V Rear in Silver or Pewter (USB)

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Knog Blinder 4V Rear (USB bike light)

The Knog Blinder 4V Rear Bike Light is the most in demand USB light in the US and Europe at present! A product of Knog in Australia, this bicycle light has four super bright LED lights that pump out up to 44-Lumens of rear light, making it one of the most powerful and effective USB bicycle lights on the bike light market.

The Blinder’s optimized optics focus and direct a smooth beam pattern that makes the Blinder USB bike light visible over 800 metres.

Check out the Knog Blinder video!

OUTPUT : 44 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 26 x 76 x 62mm
WEIGHT : 43g
MATERIALS : Industrial Silicone Body with hard-anodised aluminium fascia.
BATTERY : USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer