iBert & Our New Cargo Trailer

Posted by Dave Manville on

After a few months using the iBert kids bike seat, our 1-year-old daughter is in love with going for a ride on the bike. As we approach the bike, she gets very excited and points at the bike and talks with great enthusiasm. We go for regular rides and she seems to enjoy taking in all the goings-on around the neighbourhood. Being that she loves the bike so much, we have starting taking the bike to as many places as possible to do daily jobs rather than the car. The only time we’d require the car is when we had to drop-off or collect something that wouldn’t fit in my backpack. So we started looking around at cargo bikes and trailers as a solution. I love the classic Dutch cargo bikes, they are beautiful but as we already have quite an extensive collection of bicycles we thought a trailer would be a more versatile option. We discovered a NZ Made company called Cycle Trailers NZowned Steven Muir. He is an amazing guy who designs and makes a range of cargo trailers in Christchurch. Our bicycle trailer arrived last week and already we have done a supermarket and farmers market shop, whilst still being able to take our 1 year old on the iBert bike seat with us. We love the simplicity and freedom of it all. She loves being out on the bike, plus it means less money on petrol and no hassles trying to find a car park. It’s a win-win situation. Enjoy the freedom and take your kids on the bike with you, they will love you for it.


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