Air New Zealand's KiaOra Magazine Features Helmet Light!

Air New Zealand's KiaOra Magazine loves our helmet light so much they have featured it in their May Issue! 

iBert & Our New Cargo Trailer

After a few months using the iBert kids bike seat, our 1-year-old daughter is in love with going for a ride on the bike. As we approach the bike, she gets very excited and points at the bike and talks with great enthusiasm. We go for regular rides and she seems to enjoy taking in all the goings-on around the neighbourhood.

Do you want to increase your visibility at night?

Bells & Whistles is always on the hunt for more innovative and convenient ways to ensure you keep safe on your bike when it’s dark. The latest additions to our bicycle light range are lights for the rider not the bike; the Helmet Light and a new Wearable Light.

NEW Reusable Bicycle Coffee Cups

The latest Bells & Whistles, NZ Made reusable coffee cup has just landed and sums up why we ride and why we launched our online store:

Media: Halo Belt in KiaOra - Air New Zealand's inflight magazine

Bells & Whistles is very excited to discover our Halo Belt bike light featuring in the latest issue of KiaOra, Air New Zealand's in-flight ...

Take your kids on your bike instead of the in car it's life changing!

There seems to be a resurgence of cargo bikes and kids bike seats worldwide. It really goes to show that there is real value and pleasure in being able to undertake your day-to-day tasks without the inconvenience of having to get in the car. With road congestion levels rising in our cities it has become a chore in itself going anywhere in a car, having to battle with traffic and the inconvenience of finding and paying for car parking. Particularly for those with children, it can seem like just getting them in the car can take more time than the actual task at hand!

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Side Visibility May Have Prevented Christchurch Cycling Fatality

The tragic death of a 22-year-old Christchurch nurse hit from the side by a truck last week strongly supports the urgent need for side on visibility when riding in the dark.

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Lighting Up for Winter with Quality Bicycle Lights

As winter is know knocking on our door, it is time to start thinking about how to be seen on the road when it's dark. Bells & Whistles has a collection of bicycle lights for you that will guarantee you are seen when out and about on your bike.

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Do Little - The Kids Bike Seat of Choice in New Zealand

The kids bike seat market in New Zealand has literally exploded in the past few years, with an increasing number of active parents transporting their children from A to B on their bicycles from a very early age.

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Bells and Whistles at Xmas in the Park Dec 21st in Mt Maunganui

Bells and Whistles will have its full range of bicycle accessories available on display on Saturday December 21st at Blake Park, Mount Maunganui.

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Bike Accessories of Another Kind

As cyclists we have many an option when it comes to bike accessories. Whether it be for style, convenience or safety, we are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to cycle gear, particularly with so many brick and mortar and online bike stores to choose from.

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Bells and Whistles Hits The Road

When not on our bikes, Bells and Whistles can now be seen around the streets of Tauranga in the newly branded company car. For obvious reasons we prefer our branding to be associated with bicycles, however our occasional trips to the Redwoods with the bikes on the back was a good reason for company car branding.

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