Bike Accessories of Another Kind

Posted by Dave Manville on

As cyclists we have many an option when it comes to bike accessories. Whether it be for style, convenience or safety, we are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to cycle gear, particularly with so many brick and mortar and online bike stores to choose from.

One of the reasons for the inception of Bells and Whistles was to inspire more people to ride bicycles and ride more often and to express themselves as cycling individualists. We are confident that our ever-increasing collection of cycling accessories go a long way towards achieving our goal.

Recently we were emailed a photo (below) by a customer of ours showing off their new bike grip rings, Monkeylectric spoke lights, Knog lock and bell. This is the sort of set up on two wheels that inspires us and puts a smile on our faces.

However for some cyclists, riding a bike is not just about riding in style or to have fun (although we think it is). Bicycles and bicycle accessories take on a whole new meaning for some people around the world in that the bike serves one purpose only - carrying cargo. Check out some of the set ups below, most which would certainly capture the curious eyes of the authorities in most countries... well 2nd world countries anyway.

If you have a photo of your pimped out bicycle send it to and we'll add it to our site or Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you.

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