Lighting Up for Winter with Quality Bicycle Lights

As winter is now knocking on our door, it is time to start thinking about how to be seen on the road when it's dark. Bells & Whistles has a collection of bicycle lights for you that will guarantee you are seen when out and about on your bike.

The newest of these lights is the improved Halo Belt 2.0, superseding the previous Halo Belt 1.0 from 2012. The hot off the rack Halo Belt 2.0 is the perfect addition to cycling in the dark as it is brighter, more versatile and is USB rechargeable. Whilst it’s designed as a belt for the waist, it is also commonly worn over the shoulder, loosely around the waist or even clipped around a backpack, the options are endless. It is perfect for cyclists, runners, walkers and motorcyclists.

Unlike highlighted reflective jackets that are only visible when a light source is projected onto it, making it impossible to spot someone in the dark. The Halo Belt 2.0 has been designed to have a combination of high quality 3M reflectives as well as our illuminating LED fibre optic technology, helping the user stay visible when he or she may not be in direct headlight projection.

Here at Bells & Whistles we are about providing you with BRIGHT bike lights, you will not find a dim bicycle light sold at our store. The Knog Blinder is not called the ‘Blinder’ for nothing. This bicycle light has four super bright LED lights that pump out up to 80 lumens of front light and 44-Lumens of rear light, making it one of the most powerful and effective USB bicycle lights on the bike light market. The Blinder’s optimized optics focus and direct a smooth beam pattern that makes the Blinder USB bike light visible over 800 metres.

Another super bright rear light is the Fibre Flare. This uses the latest super-bright fibre optic technology in a flexible tube providing 360-degree visibility. Not only are Fibre Flare lights a super bright light, the versatile design allows it to be mounted on seat posts, chain stays, bags or clothing due to the quality stretchy silicone rubber straps/clips. The Fibre Flare can also be quickly removed from your bike and popped into your bag or onto another bicycle.

As far as side visibility goes the MonkeyLectric M210 and M232 wheel lights are at the top of the game. Fast becoming a phenomenon throughout the world these eye-catching, fun and practical lights have bought a whole new meaning to night riding. The LED light board connects to two of your spokes and is attached to a hub-mounted 3AA battery pack. Each of the lights displays amazing bright patterns as your wheel spins. The MonkeyLectric M210 has a 10 LED light board with 20 programmed themes and hundreds of colour combinations. Its big brother the MonkeyLectric M232 bike light includes 42 amazing themes and 32 ultra bright full colour LEDs (16 on each side). Both these lights provide front, rear and side visibility at any speed. If you’ve worried about being hit from the side by car or just not having enough visibility in general, the MonkeyLectric spoke lights are the perfect solution. Cycling has always been fun. This robust, waterproof spoke light adds a while new meaning to the word!

With these amazing bicycle light options, do yourself and others that you share the road with a favour and be seen this winter.