Kickstarter The Launching Platform for Innovative Bike Accessories

Posted by Dave Manville on

The past couple of years has seen the introduction of some excellent innovative bike accessories onto the international market. There are many businesses now enjoying great success through their respective physical bike stores and websites, however much of this wouldn’t have been possible without the presence of Kickstarter.

Founded in 2009, Kickstarter is now the world’s largest funding platform for creative products. Their all or nothing approach to funding bike accessories and other innovative products has drawn considerably popularity with both creators and funders and has allowed young entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals to bypass other more traditional establishments.

This successful crowd funding platform has allowed for some wonderful creative ideas to be brought to life. In fact, more than 5 million people have funded more than 50,000 products or services.

Bells and Whistles has jumped on the back of several Kickstarter bike accessories projects, including bike grips by Spur Cycle ($16,000 pledged), bicycle spoke lights by MonkeyLectric ($67,000 pledged) and LED belt lights by Halo Belt ($57,000 pledged).

Too often many promising creative ideas remain just that due to a lack of capital required to get the idea off the ground. Kickstarter has allowed the launch of some world-beater bike accessories and other products onto the market and has consequently encouraged many entrepreneurs to test the waters with their ideas. Bells and Whistles now has some of the most exciting bike accessories NZ cyclists will ever see.

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